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What can I expect from my first visit?

If it is your first visit, the doctor will ask about your current medical problems and your medical history, also about that of your family members (brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, grand-parents and others). In some cases, a physical examination might be necessary. The doctor will discuss possible diagnoses, genetic risks, heredity, treatment options, etc. Your consent will be asked if additional analyses are planned. Since the University Hospital Ghent also trains future doctors, it is possible that a trainee or student attends the consultation.

How long does a first visit take?

A first consultation lasts about one hour. Sometimes additional tests in other departments can be indicated. If required, they can be scheduled on the same day.

Should I be fasting in case a blood sample is taken?

In most cases genetic testing is done with a blood sample. It depends on your question and the condition involved if blood samples are to be taken for DNA and/or chromosome analysis. It is, however, not necessary to fast beforehand.

What is the result from that first visit?

A diagnosis is rarely made at once. Usually, the research stage takes some weeks or months, then you will be invited to discuss the results or to make a follow-up appointment. The results are also put in a medical letter which is, only with your consent, sent to the doctor(s) who referred you to our center and/or who are treating you. Follow-up is also possible.
In view of the complexity of the questions psychological guidance is available as well.

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