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f-TALES workshop 26-27 APRIL Leuven - Genomic Medicine

26 april 2018 - 12:00am

Genomic Medicine is a rapidly developing science-driven approach to health care. It potentially holds great benefits for patients, clinicians, health care providers and society as a whole.
The promise is on change in health care from being reactive to disease to being proactive and to predict disease onset, from being “general for all” to being “tailored to the individual”.
Health care will become personalized and will change from cure to prevention, partly by limiting the burden of genetic disorders.
The workshop features lectures on the technological and bio-informatic tools for genome sequencing and presents the realm and state of the art applications of Genomic Medicine.

Confirmed speakers:
Wigard Kloosterman (UMC Utrecht)
Liesbeth Lagae (KU Leuven)
Wim Vranken (VUB)
Alejandro Sifrim (KU Leuven)
Adam Ameur (Uppsala University)
Steven Harrison (Partners Healthcare)
Anne O’Donnell-Luria (Broad Institute)
Joris Vermeesch (KU Leuven)
Les Biesecker (NIH/NHGRI)
Peter Krawitz (University of Bonn)
Tom Lenaerts (VUB/ULB)
Michael Speicher (Medical University of Graz)
Christian Gilissen (Radboud UMC)
Elfride De Baere (UGent)
Mahsa Shabani (KU Leuven)

This workshop is offered free of charge for participants, but as the number of participants is limited registration is required.
Register before 6 April 2018 via: https://t.co/UHbCUdiSTR.

Hope to welcome you there!

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Post date: 21 maart 2018
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