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Fundamental and applied genetic research has witnessed an enormous progress over the past years. High throughput techniques now allow DNA sequencing with unprecedented speed and have greatly facilitated the sequencing of the human genome as well as of the genomes of pathogens and model organisms. The availability of the human genome sequence in its turn opens the way to accelerated discovery of disease genes or desease associated polymorphisms. In addition to further disease gene identification in inherited disorders and cancer, a number of longstanding challenges in genetic research can now be tackled, such as the study of clinical and genetic heterogeneity observed in many heritable (monogenetic) disorders, the complex interaction of genes involved in the development of cancer and the identification of genetic factors underlying multifactorial disorders.

Over the past years, the Centre for Medical Genetics in Ghent (CMGG) has acquired an internationally recognised expertise in the genetic analysis of certain inherited diseases and a number of cancers. The various and rapidly growing research teams within the CMGG have developed their own particular fields of expertise which pertain to heritable connective tissue disease and skeletal dysplasias, neurofibromatosis, oftalmo-genetic disorders, neuroblastoma, leukemia and breast cancer. New equipment and methods have been introduced during the past years at rapid pace.

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