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The Center for Medical Genetics Ghent has three main objectives: medical services, research and education. We provide our expertise for the diagnosis and care of patients with hereditary diseases.
We strive for a better understanding of these hereditary diseases and translate this knowledge in education in a variety of disciplines.

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Buried Treasure

27 July 2016

Noncoding DNA makes up the majority of our genomes, much of it being conserved and transcribed. Though the functions of small regulatory RNA molecules are well known, what about so-called long non-coding RNA? Pioneering scientists are digging up secrets hidden in the labyrinthine depths of our chromosomes....

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Identification of long non-coding RNAs involved in neuronal development and intellectual disability

20 June 2016

Recently, exome sequencing led to the identification of causal mutations in 16–31% of patients with intellectual disability (ID), leaving the underlying cause for many patients unidentified. In this context, the noncoding part of the human genome remains largely unexplored. For many long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) a crucial role in neurodevelopment and hence the human brain is anticipated. Here ...

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Melanomen zijn verslaafd aan SAMMSON

20 June 2016

Melanomen zijn verslaafd aan SAMMSON...

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European Society of Human Genetics Poster Awards

27 May 2016

At the European Human Genetics Conference (May 21-24, Barcelona, Spain), Eva De Vilder and Tim Van Damme have won poster awards for their outstanding presentations entitled: 'Rare modifier variants alter the severity of cardiovascular disease in Pseudoxanthoma elasticum' and 'Mutations in the E subunit of the vacuolar ATPase complex cause a novel type of autosomal recessive cutis laxa...

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