Platform Molecular Diagnostics UZ Ghent (MDG)

The MDG platform's core activity is the detection of specific somatic defects in the DNA and RNA of the malignant tissues, blood or bone marrow of patients with cancer.

The tests are requested through the Department of Pathological Anatomy UZ Ghent or through the Laboratory of Clinical Biology UZ Ghent (hemato-oncology). Laboratory tests are performed at the Center for Medical Genetics Ghent.

Please refer to the Guidelines for test requests and Sample Instructions.

Accredited MDG tests in routine (ISO 15189:2012):


For the examination of somatic mutations in solid tumors and sarcomas, the tumor tissue in FFPE should be sent to the Department of Pathological Anatomy UZ Ghent, using the request form of that department. See the laboratory guide of the Department of Pathological Anatomy UZ Ghent. In exceptional cases, fresh or frozen tumor tissue can also be sent to Center Medical Genetics. Sample instructions and request form via acquired genetic disorders (


To request an MDG test for a patient with a hemato-oncology condition, send the blood or bone marrow to the Clinical Biology UZ Gent Laboratory, using that department's request form. See the Laboratory Guide of the Clinical Biology Laboratory UZ Gent: (choose Request forms - Request form special hematology - cytomorphology | immunophenotyping | molecular analyses).

MDG tests under development:

- ctDNA NGS SOLIDE TUMOR panel on liquid biopsies from solid tumor patients

- methylation profiling for solid tumor samples

- comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) with TSO500 kit Ilumina in the context of BALLETT study

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